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A basic course in public international law research   By:  Anthony S. Winer, Mary Ann E. Archer

A philosophy of international law   By:   Fernando R. Teson

An introduction to international law    By:  Mark W. Janis

Asserting jurisdiction: international and European legal perspective    By:   Patrick Capps, Malcolm David Evans, Stratos V. Konstadinidis







Cases and Materials on International Law: David Harris

Cases and Materials on International Law, 5th edition: Martin Dixon, Robert McCorquodale and Sarah Williams

Common law of international organizations  By:  Josephine Steiner, Lorna Woods, Christian Twigg-Flesner

Corporations in private international law. A european perspective      By: Stephen Rammuloo

Courts of justice and Regional integration   By:   Katrin Nyman Metcalf, Ioannis Papageorgiou






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Fairness in international law and institutions   By:   Thomas M. Franck

Fragmentation and the international relations of micro-states: self-determination and statehood   By:  Jorri Duursma

Fundamental Perspectives on International Law   By:    William Slomanson

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Handbook of International Law    By:   Anthony Aust

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Imperialism, Sovereignty and the Making of International Law   By:  Antony Anghie

Insurance in private international law: a European perspective    By:   Francesco Seatzu

International business law: a transactional approach        By:  Larry A. DiMatteo, Lucien J. Dhooge


International business law: texts, cases and readuings      By:    Ray August

International business law and its environment              By:   R. Schaffer, B.Earle, F.Agusti

International criminal law developments in the case law of the ICTY   By:   Gideon Boas, William Schabas

International Justice and the International Criminal Court: Between Sovereignty and the Rule of Law       By:     Bruce Broomhall


International Law: Vaughan Lowe

International Law,  2nd ed.     By:    Antonio Cassese

International law               By:  Malcolm Nathan Shaw

International Law, 6th Ed.      By:  Malcolm N. Shaw

International Law (Aspen Treatise)    By:   Mark W. Janis

International law: a dictionary     By:  Boleslaw Adam Boczek

International law: achievements and prospects   Volume 1     By:   Mohammed Bedjaoui

International law: achievements and prospects. Peaceful settlement of Disputes   Volume 2     By:   Mohammed Bedjaoui

International Law: Classic and Contemporary Readings,   Edited By:   Charlotte Ku, Paul F. Diehl

International law: a treatise, Volume 1   By:  Lassa Oppenheim

International law: a treatise, Volume 2   By:  Lassa Oppenheim

International law and international relations: bridging theory and practice   By:  Th.J.Biersteker, P.Spiro, Ch.L.Sriram, V.Raffo

International law and international relations.    Edited  by: Beth A.Simmons, Richard H.Steinberg

International law and organization: closing the compliance gap   By:  Michael W. Doyle, Edward C. Luck

International Law and the use of force     By: Christine Gray

International Law and World Order: A Problem-oriented Coursebook    By:  Burns H. Weston, Richard A. Falk, Hilary Charlesworth, Andrew L. Strauss

International Law Documents  5th ed.   By:   Malcolm D. Evans

International Law Documents  6th ed.   By:   Malcolm D. Evans


International Law: Examples and Explanations: Valerie Epps, Lorie Graham

International law: norms, actors, process : a problem-oriented approach   By:  Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Steven R. Ratner, David Wippman

International marine environmental law: institutions, implementation and innovations   y: Andree Kirchner, Gesellschaft fur Angewandten Umweltschutz und Sicherheit im Seeverkehr

International Organizations and their Exercise of Sovereign Powers   By:  Dan Sarooshi

International organizations as law-makers    By:  Jose E. Alvarez

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Judicial remedies in international law      By:   Christine D. Gray

Just war or just peace?: humanitarian intervention and international law     By:   Simon Chesterman

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Law among nations: an introduction to public international law     By:  Gerhard Von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee

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Non-governmental organisations in international law     By:   Anna-Karin Lindblom

Nuclear weapons and international law in the post Cold War world    BY:   Charles J. Moxley
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Ordering anarchy: international law in international society    By:  R. A. Mullerson
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Perspectives on the ICRC study on customary international humanitarian law     By:    Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Susan Carolyn Breau.

Phylosophy of international law      By: Anthony Carty

Principles of international law      By:   Sean D. Murphy

Principles of international law      By:  Hans Kelsen

Principles of public international law    By:  Ian Brownlie

Principles of the institutional law of international organizations    By:   Chittharanjan Felix Amerasinghe

Private International law    By:    Malcolm D.Evans

Problems and process: international law and how we use it  By:   Rosalyn Higgins

Public international law in a nutshell   By:  Thomas Buergenthal, Sean D. Murphy

Punishment and process in international criminal trials   By:   Ralph J. Henham

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Remedies against international organisations  By:  Karel Wellens

Research handbook in international economic law   By:  Andrew T. Guzman, A. O. Sykes

Restitution in private international law    By:   George Panagopoulos
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The creation of states in international law     By:  James Crawford

The criminal responsibility of individuals for violations of international humanitarian law     By:   E. van Sliedregt

The concept of international legal personality: an inquiry into the history and theory of international law    By:  Janne Elisabeth Nijman


The conduct of hostilities under the law of International armed conflict(2nd ed.): Yoram Dinstein

The Definition of Subsidy and State Aid: Luca Rubini

The epochs of international law  By:  Wilhelm Georg Grewe, Michael Byers

The Forms and Functions of Tort Law(3rd ed.), by: Kenneth S. Abraham

The humanization of international law    By:  Theodor Meron, Hague Academy of International Law

The Idea of Justice: Amartya Sen

The international criminal court: global politics and the quest for justice     By:   William Driscoll, Joseph P. Zompetti, Suzette Zompetti

The Law of Armed Conflict: Constraints on the Contemporary Use of Military Force   By:   Howard M. Hensel

The law of internal armed conflict     By:  Lindsay Moir

The law of international organisations    By:   N. D. White

The law of international trade in agricultural products: from GATT 1947 to the WTO agreement on agriculture    By:   Melaku Geboye Desta

The limits of international law    By:   Jack L. Goldsmith, Eric A. Posner

The making of international law    By:   Alan Boyle, Christine Chinkin

The Politics of Constructing the International Criminal Court: Michael j. Struett

The politics of international law     Edited By:    Christian Reus-Smit

The Statute of the International Court of Justice. A Commentary       Edited by:  A. Zimmermann, Ch.Tomuschat, K. Oellers-Frahm, Ch. Tams, T.Thienel

The United States and the Rule of Law in International Affairs    By:    John F. Murphy

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United Nations Sanctions and the Rule of law: Jeremy Matam Farrall

Universal Jurisdiction: International and Municipal Legal Perspectives      By:    Luc Reydams

United States hegemony and the foundations of international law   By:  Michael Byers, Georg Nolte

Unjust Enrichment: A Study of Private Law and Public Values   By:  Hanoch Dagan

Using international law in domestic courts    By:   Shaheed Fatima

Understanding the Law (5th ed.): Geoffrey Rivlin

Understanding Tort Law (3rd ed.): Carol Harlow

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War Law: Understanding International Law and Armed Conflict    By:    Michael Byers

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