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A Responsibility to Assist: Tom Hadden

A Substantive Environmental Rights: An Examination of the Legal Obligations of Decision-Makers Towards the Environment: By Stephen Turner

A Theory of Interpretation of the European Convention on Human rights: George Letsas

Access to Asylum International Refugee Law and the Globalisation of Migration Control: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

Agenda setting, the EU, and NGO’s, Gender violence and reproductive rights: Jutta M. Joachim



Brownlie's Documents on Human Rights(6th Edition): By Ian Brownlie & Guy Goodwin-Gill



Can Globalization Promote Human Rights?: By Rhoda Howard-Hassmann

Can Human Rights Survive?: by Conor Gearty

Challenges to the Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities, Frances Owen, Dorothy Griffiths

Civil Liberties and Human Rights: Helen Fenwick

Constitutional Review under the UK Human Rights Act: Aileen Kavanagh

Copyright and Human rights: Paul L.C. Torremas

Core documents on European and International Human rights: Rhona Smith




Defining Civil and Political Rights: The Jurisprudence of the United Nations Human Rights Committee(2nd Edition): By Alex Conte & Richard Burchill

Delegating Rights Protection: David Erdos

Democracy and Human Rights: By David Beetham

Disability Rights in Europe: From theory to practice: By Anna Lawson & Caroline Gooding



Economic Globalisation and Human Rights: Wolfgang Benedek, Koen de Feyter and Fabrizio Marrella

Environmental protection and human rights: Donald K. Anton and Dinah L. Shelton

EU digital copyright law and the End-User: Giuseppe Mazziotti: Giuseppe Mazziotti

European human Rights Law: Text and Materials(3rd Edition): By Mark Janis, Richard Kay, Anthony Bradley

European Human Rights: Law Review: By Jonathan Cooper

European Labour Law and Social Policy,Cases and Materials, Volume II: Alan C. Neal

European Yearbook on Human Rights: By Wolfgang Benedek, Wolfram Karl, Anja Mihr, Manfred Nowak

Expanding the Horizons of Human Rights Law: Ineta Ziemele



Foster on EU Law(3rd Edition): By Nigel Foster

Freedom From Poverty: NGOs and Human Rights Praxis: By Daniel Chong

From Civil to Human Rights: Dialogues on law and Humanities in the Uniyed States and Europe: By Helle Porsdam

Fundamental Rights and Private law: Christoph Busch, Hans Schult-Nolke

Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union(Volume 1: A Comparative Overview): By Gert Bruggemeire, Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Giovanni Comande

Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union: Volume II: Comparative Analyses of Selected Case Patterns: By Gert Bruggemeier, Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Giovanni Comande




Global human Rights Institutions: By Gerd Oberleitner

Globalization and Human Rights: By Alison BryskGlobalizing Democracy and Human Rights: By Carol Gould

Grounding human rights in a pluralism world: Gracy Y. Kao

Global Responsibility For Human Rights: World Poverty and the Development of International Law: by Margot Salomon




Human Rights: by Anthony Woodiwiss

Human Rights and Democracy: Discourse Theory and Global Rights Institutions: Eva Erman

Human Rights and Empire: Costas Douzinas

Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Laurence R. Helfer and Graeme W. Austin

Human Rights and International Trade: By Thomas Cottier, Joost pauwelyn, Elisabeth Burgi

Human Rights and Minority rights in the European Union: Kirsten Shoraka

Human Rights and Social Justice in a Global Perspective: Susan C. Mapp

Human Rights and WTO: The Case of Patents and Access to Medicines: By Holger Hestermeyer

Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry: By Anthony Woodiwiss

Human Rights at the EU: Roger Normand and Sarah Zaidi

Human Rights Conditionality in the EU's International Agreements: By Lorand Bartels

Human Rights for the 21st century: Helen M. Stacy

Human rights in Armenia

Human Rights in a Posthuman World, Critical Essays: By Upendra Baxi

Human Rights in Europe: Commentary on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: By William Mock, Gianmario Demuro

Human Rights in Global Politics: Tim Dunne and Nicholas j. Wheeler

Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration: By Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Francesco Fracioni, Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Human rights in the twentieth century: Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Human Rights in the 21st century: Michael Goodhart and Anja Mihr

Human Rights: Between Idealism and Realism: Christian Tomuschat

Human Rights: International Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement: Janusz Symonides

Human Rights Law: Adam, Joel and Daniel

Human Rights Law: Howard Davis

Human Rights Matters, Local Politics and National Human Rights Institutions: Julie A. Mertus

Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors: By Andrew Clapham

Human Rights Politics and Practice: Michael Goodhart

Human Rights Transformed: Positive rights and positive duties: By Sandra Fredman

Human Rights Universality in Practice: Peter R. Baehr

Human Rights & Civil liberties: Steve Foster

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Intellectual Property and Human Rights: Enhanced Edition of Copyright and Human Rights: By Paul Torremans

Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Development: the role of NGOs and Social Movements: by Duncan Matthews

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Allied Rights(7th Edition): By W. Cornish, D. Llewelyn & T. Aplin

International Economic Actors and Human Rights: Adam Mc Beth

International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: René Provost

International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law (Treaties, Cases & Analysis): Francisco Forrest Martin, Stephan J. Schnably, Richard J. Wilson, Jonathan S. Simon, Mark V. Tushnet

International Human rights, A comprehensive introduction: Michael Haas

International Human Rights Documents (7th ed.): Sandy Chandhi

International Human Rights in a Nutshell(4th Edition): By Thomas Buergenthal

International Human Rights in Context: Law, Politics, Morals(3rd Edition): By Henry Steiner, Philip Alston, Ryan Goodman

International Human Rights Law: Daniel Moeckli, Sangetta Shah, Sandesh Sivakumaran

International Human Rights Law: Javaid Rehman

International Human Rights Law: Olivier De Schutter

International Human Rights(3rd ed.): Jack Donnelly

International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law: Orna Ben- Naftali

Introduction to the International Human Rights Regime: by Manfred Nowak

Inventing Human Rights: A History: By Lynn Hunt

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Labour rights as human rights    Edited By:  Philip Alston

Language Rights and Political Theory: By Will Kymlicka & Alan Patten

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Mobilizing for Human Rights, International Law in Domestic Politics: By Beth Simmons



NGOs and the Struggle for Human Rights in Europe: by Loveday Hodson

National Perspectives on Housing Rights: By Scott Leckie

New Institutions for Human Rights Protection: Kevin Boyle

New Rights Advocacy: Changing Strategies of Development and Human Rights NGOs: By Paul Nelson & Ellen Dorsey

New Technologies and Human Rights: By Therese Murphy




On Human rights: James Griffin




Philosophy of Human rights l: David Boersema

Poverty and Fundamental Human rights: David Bilchitz

Prosecuting Serious Human Rights Violations: Anja Seibert-Fohr

Protecting Human Rights, Instruments and Institutions: By Tom Campbell, Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Adrienne Stone

Public law after the Human Rights Act: By Tom Hickman


Reading Humanitarian Intervention: Human Rights and the Use of Force in International Law    By:   Anne Orford

Redirecting Human Rights: Facing the Challenge of Corporate Legal Humanity: By Anna Grear

Regional Protection of Human Rights: Dinah L. Shelton

Religion and the Global Politics of Human Rights: Thomas Banchoff and Robert Wuthnow

Reproductive Freedom, In the Context of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: By Maja Kirilova Eriksson

Reproductive Health and Human rights: Laura Reichenbach and Mindy Jane Roseman

Research Handbook on International Human Rights Law: By Sarah Joseph and Adam McBeth

Responding to Systemic Human Rights Violations: By Philip leach, Helen Hardman, Svetlana Stephenson, Brad Blitz

Rethinking Human Rights for the New Millennium: By Belden Fields

Rights-Based Approaches to Development: Exploring the Potential and Pitfalls: By Sam Hickey and Diana Mitlin

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Sceptical Essays on Human Rights: Tom Campbell, K.D. Ewing and Adam Tomkins

Security, Citizenship and Human Rights: Shared Values in Uncertain Times: By Derek McGhee

Social Work and Human Rights: Elisabeth Reichert



Text, Cases and Materials on Public Law and Human Rights(3rd edition): By Helen Fenwick and Gavin Phillipson
Textbook on civil liberties & Human Rights(8th ed.): Richard Stone

Textbook on International Human Rights(4th ed.): Rhona K.M.Smith

The Atlas of Human Rights: Andrew Fagan

The Human Rights Field Operation, Law, Theory and Practice: Michael O’Flaherty

The Effectiveness of Domestic Human Rights NGOs: A Comparative Study: By Scott Calnan

The Evolution of International Human Rights(2nd ed.): Paul Gordon Lauren

The Evolution of International Human Rights (3rd ed.): Paul Gordon Lauren

The European Convention on Human Rights(5th Edition): By Jacobs, White & Ovey

The European Convention on Human rights: Steven Greer

The European Convention on Human rights and the Conflict in Northern Ireland: Brice Dickson

The European Convention on Human Rights: Collected Essays: By Loukis Loucaides

The European Court of Human rights as a Pathway to Impunity for International Crimes: Sonja C. Grover

The European Court of Human Rights Between Law and Politics: Janas Christoffersen and Mikael Rask Madsen

The European Court of Human Rights Overwhelmed by Applications Problems and Possible Solutions: By Rudiger Wolfrum

The Evolution of International Human rights (3rd ed.): By Paul Gordon Lauren

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: From Declaration to Binding Instrument: By Giacomo Di Federico

The EU's Approach to Human Rights Conditionality in Practice: By Elena Fierro

The Future of Human Rights(3rd Edition): Upendra Baxi

The Globalization of Human Rights: Jean Marc Coicaud, Michael W. Doyl and Anne-Marie Gardner

The History of Human Rights: Micheline R. Ishay

The Humanization of International Law: Theodor Meron

The Human Rights Impact of the World Trade Organisation: James Harrison

The Idea of Human Rights: Michael J. Perry

The Idea of Human Rights: By Charles Beitz

The Last Utopia, Human rights in history: Samuel Moyn

The Law of International Human Rights Protection: By Walter Kalin & Jorg Kunzli

The philosophy of Human Rights: Patrick Hayden

The Political Economy of Human Rights in Armenia: Authoritarianism and Democracy in a Former Soviet Republic: By Simon Payaslian

The Politics of Human Rights: Tony Evans

The United Nations and Human Rights: Julie A. Mertus

Theories of Rights: Jeremy Waldron

Tort Law: Mark A. Geistfeld

Toward a Theory of Human Rights: Michael J. Perry

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Understanding Human Rights: An Exercise Book: By Elisabeth Reichert

Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice(2nd Edition): By Jack Donnelly

Unlocking Human Rights: By Peter Halstead


Who Believes in Human Rights?: Reflections on the European Convention (Law in Context)    By:   Marie-Benedicte Dembour

World Poverty and Human Rights: Thomas Pogge

World Report 2010: Edited by Human rights watch

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Your Right to Know: A Citizen's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act(2nd Edition): By Heather Brooke




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