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Achieving A Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base In The EU: Malcolm Gammie, Silvia Giannini, Alexander Klemm, Andreas Oestreicher, Paola Parascandolo, Christoph Spengel

After The Euro: Colin Crouch




Banking, international capital flows and growth in Europe: financial markets, savings, and monetary integration in a world with uncertain convergence  BY:  Paul J. J. Welfens, Holger C. Wolf

Banking in the new Europe: the impact of the single European market programme and EMU on the European banking sector    BY:  Edward P. M. Gardener, Philip Molyneux, Barry Moore

Birthmarks of Europe, The Origins of the European Community Reconsidered: Edelgard Mahant

Britain For and Against Europe: David Baker and David Seawright




Central and Eastern European Agriculture in an Expanding European Union: S. Tangermann, M. Banse

Communism, Post-Communism and Democracy: The Great Shock At The End of a Short Century: Ion ILiescu

Competition Policy, Theory and Practice: Massimo Motta

Contrast of the French and German Approaches to e-Democracy: Sandra Vergnolle



Deep integration: how transatlantic markets are leading globalization    Edited BY:  Daniel Sheldon Hamilton, Joseph P. Quinlan,

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Economic Analysis for EU Accession Negotiations: James D. Gaisford, William A. Kerr, Nicholas Perdikis

Economic and Monetary Union in Europe: Theory, Evidence and Practice: Mark Baimbridge, Philip Whyma

Economic Impact of EU Membership on Entrants: New Methods and Issues: Richard Baldwin & Aymo Brunnetti

Economic liberalization and Integration in East Asia: Yung Chul Park

Economic Policy in the European Union: Sixten Korkman

Economic Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: Daniel Gros and Alfred Steinherr

Economics(8th ed.): Samuelson Nordhaus

Economics of Monetary Union(7th Edition): Paul De Grauwe

Emerging Market Economies and European Economic Integration: Scott Hacker, Börje Johansson, Charlie Karlsson

Enlarging the Euro Area:  External Empowerment and Domestic Transformation in East Central Europe: Kenneth Dyson

EU Accession Financial Sector Opportunities and Challenges for Southeast Europe: Ingrid Matthaus-Maier, J.D. von Pischke

EU Economic Governance and Globalization: Miriam L. Campanella, Sylvester Eijffinger

EU Regional Policy: Andrew Evans

Europe in the International Economy 1500 to 2000: Derek H. Aldcroft, Anthony Sutcliffe

European-American Trade and Financial Alliances: Gavin Boyd, Alan M. Rugman, Pier Carlo Padoan

European Accounting Guide(5th ed.): David Alexander, Simon Archer

European Banking and Financial Services Law(2nd ed.): Hemetsberger-Schoppmann, Schwander-Wengler

European Business(4th Edition): Simon Mercado, Richard Welford, Kate Prescott

European Capital Markets with a Single Currency: Jean Dermine and Pierre Hillion

European economic Integration(4th Edition): Frank McDonald & Stefhen Dearden

European Integration: Athina Zervoyianni, George Argirose and George Agiomirgianakis

European Integration: Jorgen Drud Hansen

European Integration:  Methods and Economic Analysis: Jacques Pelkmans

European Integration and National Identity: Lene Hansen and Ole Wæver

European Integration and the Functioning of Product Markets: Adriaan Dierx, Fabienne Ilzkovitz, Khalid Sekkat

European Integration Theory: Antje Wiener, Thomas Diez

European Integration and National Identity: Lene Hansen and Ole Wæver

European Integration and the Functioning of Product Markets: Adriaan Dierx, Fabienne Ilzkovitz, Khalid Sekkat

European Integration Theory: Antje Wiener, Thomas Diez

European Integration, 1950-2003: John Gillingham

European Monetary Unification : Theory, Practice and Analysis: Barry Eichengreen

European Political Economy: Political Science Perspectives: Leila Simona Talani

European States and the Euro: Kenneth Dyson

European Union and the Race for Foreign Direct Investment in Europe: Lars Oxelheim, Pervez Ghauri

European Union Economics(5th Edition): Theo Hitiris

Europeanization, Varieties of Capitalism and Economic Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: Lucian Cernat

Euros and Europeans:  Monetary Integration and the European Model of Society: Andrew Martin and George Ross

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Financial and Monetary Integration in the New Europe: David G. Dickinson, Andrew W. Mullineux

Financial Intermediation in the New Europe,Banks, Markets and Regulations in EU Accession Countries: Donato Masciandaro

Financial Markets in Central and Eastern Europe: Morten Balling, Frank Lierman and Andy Mullineux

Fiscal Policy in Economic and Monetary Union: Theory, Evidence and Institutions: Marco Buti, Daniel Franco

Forging an Integrated Europe    Edited By:  Barry Eichengreen and Jeffry Frieden

From Marx and Mao to the market: the economics and politics of agricultural transition    By:   Johan F. M. Swinnen, Scott Rozelle

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General motors and the Nazis: The Struggle for Control of Opel, European`s Biggest Carmaker: Henry Ashby Turner

Globalization and Institutions: Maria-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack

Growth and Employment in Europe: Martin Zagler

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Handbook of central banking and financial authorities in Europe: new architectures in the supervision of financial markets   BY:  Donato Masciandaro

Head to Head: The Economic Battle Among Japan, Europe, and America    BY:  Lester C. Thurow
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Inclusion of Central European Countries in the European Monetary Union: Paul De Grauwe and Vladimir Lavrac

Institutional , Legal and Economic Aspects of the EMU: Fritz Breuss, Gerhard Fink, Stefan Griller

Interest and Integration, Market Liberalization, Public Opinion, and European Union: Matthew J. Gabel

International Business in an Enlarging Europe: Trevor Morrow, Sharon Loane, Jim Bell and Colin Weeler

International Business Transactions: Problems, cases, and materials: Chow Schoenbaum

International Economics(14th Edition): Thomas Pugel

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Making Globalization Work: Joseph E. Stiglitz

Market Integration, Regionalism and the Global Economy: Richard E. Baldwin, Daniel Cohen, Andre Sapir and Anthony Venables

Microeconomics: N. Gregory Mankiw and Mark P. Taylor

Multilateralism or Regionalism: Guido Glania & Jürgen Matthes

Monetary Politics: Exchange Rate Cooperation in the European Union: Thomas Oatley

Monetary Stability in Europe: Stefan Collignon

Monetary strategies for joining the euro   BY: Gyorgy Szapary, Jurgen von Hagen

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On competition    By:   Michael E. Porter

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Poverty and Subsidiarity  in Europe, Minimum Protection from an Economic Perspective: Didier Fouarge

Principles of Microeconomics(5th ed.): Mankiw

Private and Public Enterprise in Europe, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport 1830-1990: Robert Millward

Prospects For Monetary Unions after the Euro: Paul De Grauwe and Jacques Melitz

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Reforming Pensions in Europe, Evolution of Pension Financing and Sources of Retirement Income: Gerard Hughes, Jim Stewart

Regional Economics and Policy(3rd ed.): Harvey Armstrong and Jim Taylor

Regional Integration-Europe and Asia Compared: Woosik Moon, Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan

Regulatory Competition and Economic Integration: Daniel C. Esty and Damien Geradin

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Should Britain leave EU? An Economic analysis of a troubled relationship: Patrick Minford, Vidya Mahambare, Eric Nowell

SMEs and European Integration, Internationalization strategies: Birgit Hegge

Structural Change and Exchange Rate Dynamics: The economics of the EU Eastern Enlargement: Paul Welfens, Anna Wziatek-Kubiak

Structural Funding and Employment in the European Union: Jeffrey Harrop

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Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in new EU Members: Luigi Bernardi, Mark Chandler and Luca Gandullia

The Currency Of Ideas:  Monetary Politics in the European Union: Kathleen McNamara

The Debate on Money in Europe: Alberto Giovannini

The Development of the Financial Sector in Southeast Europe: Ingrid Matthaus-Maier, J.D.von Pischke

The Economics Of European Integration(2nd Edition): Hard Balwin & Charles Wyplosz

The Economics of the New Europe: From Community to Union: Nigel M. Healey

The Economics of Transition(2nd ed.): Marie Lavigne

The Economic Potential of a Larger Europe: Klaus Liebscher, Josef Christl, Peter Mooslechner, Doris Ritzberger- Grünwald

The Economics of European Integration, Limits and Prospects: Miroslav N. Jovanovic

The Economics of International Integration(4th ed.): Peter Robson

The Economics of the European Union and the Economies of Europe: Larry Neal and Daniel Barbezat

The Economics of the European Union, Policy and Analysis(3rd ed.): Mike Artis, Frederick Nixson

The Economics of the European Union, Policy and Analysis(4th ed.): Mike Artis, Frederick Nixson

The Economics of Transition: Yegor Gaidar

The Economies of South Eastern Europe, Performance and Challenges: Christos Papazoglou

The Emerging Economic Geography in EU Accession Countries: Lulia Traistaru, Peter Nijkamp and Laura Resmini

The EU Structural Funds: Andrew Evans

The European Union, Economics and Policies(7th ed.): Ali M. El-Agraa

The European Union, Economy, Society, and Polity: Andrés Rodriguez-Pose

The Nature of Capital and Income: Irving Fisher

The New Basel Capital Accord and SME Financing: SME`s and the New Rating Culture: Rym Ayadi

The New Energy Crisis: Climate, Economics and Geopolitics: Jean-Marie Chevalier

The North American Free Trade Agreement and The European Union: Nicholas V. Gianaris

The Organization of Economic innovation in Europe: Alfonso Gambardella, Franco Malerba

The Political Economy of Integration in the European Union(3rd ed.): Jeffrey Harrop

The Political Economy of Monetary Institutions: William Bernhard, Lawrence Broz, William Roberts Clark

The Politics of the Euro-Zone: Kenneth Dyson

The Social Construction of Free Trade, The European Union, NAFTA, and MERCOSUR: Francesco Duina

The Stability and Growth Pact, Experiences and Future Aspects: Fritz Breuss

The Third Sector in Europe: Adalbert Evers, Jean-Louis Laville

Transatlantic Perspectives on the Euro: Randall Henning and Pier Carlo Padoan

Transnational Enforcement of the Financial Interest of the European Union: J.A.E. Vervaele

Turkey as the Crossroads From Crisis Resolution to EU Accession: Reza Moghadam

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When Europe Change Hands, A Survey of Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Markets of Europe from the Balkans to the Baltic States: Leo Paul Dana

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