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Advocacy(2nd Edition): By David Ross QC

A Casebook on European Consumer Law   Edited by: Reiner Schulze, Hans Schulte-Nolke, Jackie M. Jones

A brief and practical guide to EU law : David Medhurst

A Critical Introduction to European Law (3rd edition): Ian Ward

A Dictionary of the European Union(3rd ed.): David Phinnemore and Lee McGowan

A Guide To European Union Commercial Practice:  Patrick R. Hugg

A Guide to European Union Law: P.S.R.F. Mathijsen

A Guide to European Union Law: As amended by the Treaty of Lisbon(10th Edition): By Dr PSRF Mathijsen

A Textbook on Eu Law : Andrew Evans

Access to European Union law, economics, policies(15th ed.): Nicholas Moussis

An Introductory Guide to EC Competition Law and Practice   : Valentine Korah

An Introduction to Law(7th Edition): By Phil Harris

An Introduction to the International Criminal Court(4th Edition): By Karen Davies

Anti-Discrimination Law and the European Union: Mark Bell

Anti Dumping and other trade Protection Laws of the EC  : Edited by Van Bael & Bellis


Basic legal instruments for the liberalisation of trade: a comparative analysis of EC and WTO law   :   Federico Ortino

Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law: By Nico Krisch

Bellamy & Child: European Community Law of Competition  : Peter Roth QC, Vivien Rose

Blackstone's EU Treaties & Legislation 2007-2008 (Blackstone's Statute): Nigel Foster

Business Law: J. Scott Slorach and Jason Ellis





Cases and materials on EU law (9th edition): Stephen Weatherill

Cases and materials on International Law: David Harris

Cases and materials on the English Legal System(10th Edition): By Michael Zander

Cases in European Competition Policy: The Economic Analysis: By Bruce Lyons

Collective Agreement and Competition in the Eu : The Report of the Colcom-Project : Niklas Bruun, Niklas Bruun,Jari Hellsten

Commercial Agency, Franchise and Distribution Contracts Principles of European Law : Martijn Hesselink, Jacobien W. Rutgers, Odavia Bueno Diaz, Manola Scotton, Muriel Veldmann

Communication in EU Antitrust Law: Antonio Bavasso

Community (2nd Edition): By Gerard Delanty

Competition law   : Richard Whish

Competition Law and Industrial Policy in the EU: Wolf Sauter

Competition Law of the European Community: Van Bael & Bellis

Constitutional Environmental Rights: By Tim Hayward

Constitutional Law of 15 Member States: Lucas Prakke, Constantijn Korsmann

Constitutionalising Europe: Michael Longo

Constructing a European Market: Michelle Egan

Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy: By Hector MacQueen, Charlotte Waelde, Graeme Laurie & Abbe Brown

Contract Law, Text, Cases and Materials(4th ed.): Ewan McKendrick

Controls and Sanctions in the EU Law: Nick Haekkerup

Core EU legislation: Nicole Busby and Rhona Smith

Court of Justice of the European Communities (Corporate Author)

Customary International Law: A New Theory with Practical Applications: By Brian Lepard



Dictionary of the Law: By James Clapp

Directives in EC Law(Second, Completely Revised Edition): Sacha Prechal

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E-Business Law of the European Union: Quinten R. Kroes

E-Commerce Law in Europe and the USA: Gerald Spindler, Fritjof Borner

EC Competition Law: Text, Cases and Materials : Alison Jones, Brenda Sufrin

EC Competition Procedure : Konstantin J. Jorgens, Marcos Araujo Boyd, Jose Luis Buendia Sierra, Jean-Paul Keppenne, Kieron Beal, Luis Ortiz Blanco

EC Law ( 3rd ed.): Nigel G. Foster

Economic Regulation and Competition: Jürgen Basedow, Harald Baum, Klaus J. Hopt, Hideki Kanda and Toshiyuki Kono

Employment Law at the European Court of Justice: Siofra O’leary

EU Casebook on Environmental Law: Ludwig Kramer

EU Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: The Regulation of Innovation(2nd Edition): By Steven Anderman & Hedvig Schmidt

EU Competition Law: General Principles (EU Competition Law Library) : David Vaughan, Sarah Lee, Brian Kennelly (Author), Philip Riches

EU Competition law: procedures and remedies : Margaret Gray, Cerry Darbon

EU Constitutional Law: an Introduction: Allan Rosas and Lorna Armati

EU Consumer Law And Policy : Stephen Weatherill, Jacques Delors Professor of EC Law, Somerville College, Oxford, UK

EU Directive Handbook: Allen R. Bailey, Melinda C. Bailey

EU Electronic Communications Law: Bell & Ray

EU Private International Law Harmonization of laws: Peter Stone

EU Justice and Home Affairs Law (2nd ed.): Steve Peers

EU Justice and Home Affairs Law (3rd ed.): Steve Peers

EU Law and the Welfare State. In Search of Solidarity : Edited by Grainne de Burca

EU Law: text, cases, and materials : Paul P. Craig, Grainne De Burca

EU Law(2nd Edition): By Sylvia Hargreaves

EU Law(9th ed.): Josephine Steiner, Lorna Woods, Christian Twigg-Flesner

EU Treaties and Legislation 2011-2012: Nigel Foster

Europarecht: Almann Shmidt

Europarecht. Ein Studienbuch : Thomas Oppermann

European and International Media Law: Liberal Democracy, Trade, and the New Media: By Perry Keller

European Community Law of Competition(6th ed.): Peter Roth , Vivien Rose

European Competition law: A practitioner's guide : Lennart Ritter, W. David Braun

European Consumer Law: Reiner Schulze , Hans Schulte-Nolke, Jackie Jones

European Integration After Amsterdam: Karlheinz Neunreither and Antje Weiner

European Labour and Social Security Law Glossary: Roger Blanpain, Michele Colucci

European Law Review: Antony Arnull and Damian Chalmers

European Legal History: O. F. Robinson, T. D. Fergus and W. M. Gordon

European Monographs 42 Communications in Eu Antitrust Law: Market Power and Public Interest : Antonio Bavasso

European Union Law (2nd edition): Alina Kaczorowska

European Union Law (2nd Edition): By Damian Chalmers, Gareth Davies & Giorgio Monti

European Union Law: Elspeth Berry , Sylvia Hargreaves

European Union Law (8th ed.): Stephen Weatherill

European Union law after Maastricht: a practical guide for lawyers outside the Common Market : Ralph Haughwout Folsom, Ralph B. Lake, Ved P. Nanda

European Union Law For The Twenty-first Century: Rethinking The New Legal Order (Essays in European Law) : Takis Tridimas (Editor), Paolisa Nebbia (Editor)

European Union law in a global context: text, cases and materials: Trevor C. Hartley

European Union Law: Damian Chalmers, Christos Hadjiemmanuil, Giorgio Monti, Adam Tomkins

European Union law (4th Edition): Margot Horspool, Matthew Humphreys

European Union Law(6th Edition): By Margot Horspool & Matthew Humphreys

European Union law: Mike Cuthbert

European Union law: text and materials : Damian Chalmers, Giorgio Monti

European Union Legislation 2011-2012: By Jeffrey Kenner

European Union: 'Cosa Nostra' : Heinz Duthel

Europe United: Power Politics and the Making of the European Community: By Sebastian Rosato

Experimentalist Governance in the European Union: Towards a New Architecture: By Charles Sable & Jonathan Zeitlin



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Family Law 2011-2012: Mika Oldham

Fault Lines of International Legitimacy: By Hilary Charlesworth & Jean-Marc Coicaud

Financial Markets in Europe: Mads Andenas and Yannis Avgerinos

Foster on EU Law : Nigel Foster

Free Movement of Persons within the European Community: Cross-Border Access to Public Benefits: By Pieter van der Mei

Freedom of Services in the European Union: Roger Blanpain

From Dual to Cooperative Federalism: The Changing Structure of European Law: By Robert Schutze

From Paris to Nice: fifty years of legal integration in Europe. International Pallas Conference, Nijmegen, May 24, 2002, том 2002 by Pallas Consortium M. van Empel

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Global Perspectives on E-Commerce Taxation Law: By Subhajit Basu

Goyder's EC Competition Law (Oxford European Union Law Library) :Joanna Goyder, Albertina Albors-Llorens

Grunrisse Des Rechts (3 Auflage): Hartmut Maurer. Staatsrecht I

Grundriss Europarecht (5 Auflage): Alexander Thiele

Grundrechte Staatsrecht II: Pieroth Schlink

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Horizontal agreements and EU competition law : Mark Jephcott

How to do Things with Rules(5th ed.): William Twining and David Miers

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Intellectual Property Law: Lionel Bently, Brand Sherman

Intellectual Property Law: Text, Cases, and Materials: By Tanya Aplin & Jennifer Davis

Intellectual Property and Information Law: Essays in Honour of Herman Cohen Jehoram: By Jan Kabel

Internet and Electronic Commerce Law in the European Union :John Dickie

International Law(2nd Edition): By Susan Breau

International Law Documents (10th ed.): Malcolm D. Evans

International Relations Theory: By Oliver Daddow

Introduction to Company Law(2nd Edition): By Paul Davies

Introduction to European Social Security Law : Frans Pennings

Introduction to the legal system of the European Union : Philip Marc Raworth

Innovation, Competition and Consumer Welfare in Intellectual Property Law: By Gustavo Ghidini

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Key Concepts in Law(2nd Edition): By Ian McLeod

Key Facts EU Law: Chris Turner

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Law and competition in twentieth century Europe:  protecting Prometheus :  David J. Gerber

Law and governance in an enlarged European Union : George A. Bermann, Katharina Pistor

Law and institutions of the European Union  : K. P. E. Lasok, Dominik Lasok

Law Basics (4th ed.): Alan Reid

Law Dictionary(6th Edition): By Steven Gifis

Legal aspects of the Cyprus problem: Annan Plan and EU accession   : Frank Hoffmeister

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Materials on European Community Competition Law  : Edited by Andrew Macnab

Media Law(5th Edition): By Geoffrey Robertson, Andrew Nicol

Medical Law Text, Cases and Materials(2nd ed.): Emily Jackson

Modern issues in European law: Nordic perspectives : essays in honour of Lennart Palsson : Lennart Palsson, Goran Melander

Modern Treaty Law and practice: Anthony Aust

Migration, Work and Citizenship in the Enlarged European Union: Samantha Currie

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No Law: David L.Lange, H. Jefferson Powell

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Partnership Rights, Free Movement, and EU law : Helen Toner

Contemporary Peacemaking: Conflict, Peace Processes and Post-war Reconstruction(2nd Edition): By John Darby and Roger Mac Ginty

Principles Of European Union Law Concise Hornbook :   Ralph H. Folsom

Private Power, Public Law: The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights: By Susan Sell

Producers and Consumers in EU E-Commerce Law: John Dickie

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Q and A EU Law 2009 And 2010   : Nigel Foster

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Selected Legal Issues of E-Commerce: By Toshiyuki Kono, Christoph Paulus, Harry Rajak

Services and Free Movement in EU law: Mads Andenas, Wulf-Henning Roth

State and Market in European Union Law: The Public and private Spheres of the International market before the EU Courts: By Wolf Sauter & Harm Schepel

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Technology Transfer and the New EU Competition Rules: Intellectual Property Licensing after Modernisation  : Steven D. Anderman, John Kallaugher

Text, cases and materials on European Union law : John Tillotson, Nigel G. Foster

Text, cases and materials on European Union law :John Tillotson, Nigel G. Foster

Textbook on Contract Law(10th Edition): By Jill Poole

The boundaries of EC competition law: the scope of Article 81    : Okeoghene Odudu

The British Constitution: Anthony King

The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies: 2009-2010, Volume 12: By Catherine Barnard and Okeoghene Odudu

The Constitution of Europe: By J.H.H. Weiler

The Encyclopedia of Migration and Minorities in Europe: From the 17th Century to the Present: By Klaus Bade , Pieter Emmer , Leo Lucassen, Jochen Oltmer

The Enforcement of EC Environmental Law: Pal Wenneras

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Politics, Law and Policy: Steve Peers and Angela Ward

The EU's Shifting Borders: Theoretical Approaches and Policy in the New Neighbourhood: By Elzbieta Stadtmuller & Klaus Bachmann

The European Union in International Fora: Julia Lieb

The European Union Legal Order After Lisbon: By Patrick Birkinshaw, Mike Varney

The European Court’s Political Power: Karen J. Alter

The Evolution of EU Law: Paul Graig, Grainne De Burca

The formation of the treaty law of non-international armed conflicts : Laura Perna

The forthcoming EC directive on unfair commercial practices : Hugh Collins

The foundations of European Community law: an introduction to the constitutional and administrative law of the European Community :

Trevor C. Hartley

The Foundations of European Union Law(7th Edition): By Trevor C Hartley

The general principles of EU law: Takis Tridimas

The institutions of the enlarged European Union: continuity and change   :  Edward Best, Thomas Christiansen, Pierpaolo Settembri

The Intellectual Property Debate: Perspectives from Law, Economics and Political Economy: By Meir Perez Pugatch

The International Law of Belligerent Occupation: By Yoram Disnstein

The Law of the Single European Market: Unpacking the Premises  Edited by: Catherine Barnard, Joanne Scott

The law of state aid in the European Union : Andrea Biondi, Piet Eeckhout, James Flynn

The Lisbon Treaty: Paul Craig

The Member States of the European Union : Edited by Simon Bulmer and Christian Lequesne

The Past and Future of EU Law: Miguel Poiares Maduro and Loic Azoulai

The substantive law of the EU: the four freedoms: Catherine Barnard

The Worlds of European Constitution: Grainne De Burca and J.H.H. Weiler

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Understanding European Union law, 4th Edition: Karen Davies

Understanding EU law 2nd ed : Erika Szyszczak, Adam Jan Cygan

Understanding EU law: objectives, principles and methods of community law: Norbert Reich

Unfair Competition Law: European Union And Member States (International Competition Law) (International Competition Law Series Set) : Frauke Henning-Bodewig

Unlocking EU Law (2nd ed.): Tony Storey, Chris Turner

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Yearbook of European Law: P. Eeckhout, T. Tridimas

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