DR. Vladimir Martirosyan
Academic Coordinator, Deputy Director of the Center for European Studies
PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor    Download CV
• 1995- 1999 Bachelor's degree in Law  /Faculty of Law, Yerevan State University
• 1999- 2001 Master degree in European law issues/  Faculty of Law, Yerevan State University (YSU)
• 2001-2004 Post graduate Study Faculty of Law, Yerevan State University (YSU)
◦  Defended PhD dissertation “The role of European Judicial Bodies in Human Rights Protection: Legal Comparative Study of Luxembourg-Strasbourg Case Law”
Research Interests:
• European Integration
• Human Rights
• EU Energy Security
• EU-Armenia integration policy and analysis
Armenian, Russian, English
Current Seminars:
• The institutions and procedures of European Union
• General course of European law
Recent Publications and Editing:
• Status of European Union legislation in the draft EU Constitution, “Sate and Law”, p.13, 2006
• European juridical protection of Human rights (Strasburg-Luxemburg) Comparative Legal analysis, p.504, Yerevan, 2005
• European judicial bodies: varieties and peculiarities, p.4, “Legal issues”, 4,  2003
• Organization, role and practice of ECJ and Courts of the first instance in institutional system of the European Union, Scientific works coll. devoted to the 70th anniversary of the YSU Law faculty, p. 19, 2003
• EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Moscow journal of International Law, p.23,  1/2003/49
Book Editing:
• “ EU’s Foreign and Security Policy in the South Caucasus ”  Interdisciplinary Research,editor, YSU Press,Yerevan 2010, p.120
• “Global economic crisis and its impact on the economy of Armenia”Research,editor, YSU Press,Yerevan 2010,  p.99
• “Turkey-EU-Armenia: Opportunities and Challenges”, Interdisciplinary Research, editor,YSU Press, Yerevan 2009, p.
• “Attitude of Yerevan citizens towards the process of European Integration” (Analysis of the sociological survey results),Yerevan 2009



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